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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Pen is on the Cable

Shortly after I finished writing the post below--and before I could publish, our Adelphia internet connection went south. It was finally restored this afternoon (after the repairman dismantled two bedrooms and the library.) Frankly I don't care if this news is cold as a dog's nose. Anybody who believes I'd throw away this much typing is out of their mind. So...better late than never:

Re the 10/24 Elderblogger phone conference: Oh, you beautiful dolls! I was so excited I'm sure I just babbled like an idiot but talking to you all was such an upper for me. Thanks so much to Ronni et al for setting everything up. I would love to have stayed longer---and planned to but I had yet another medical appt that I couldn't reschedule. This one was with my podiatrist. (I hope he appreciated I not only wore my teeth but I shaved my toes. It's obvious I'm feeling better!) Talking personally to you was such a thrill. I hope you know how much my relationship with all you bloggers (at least those of you who like me) means to my health. And that's the truth.

It must be my day. As I was leaving the house for the podiatrist I met Del, one of my best boyfriends from Gunnison. He was carrying a a dozen long-stemmed peach roses. "These are for my girl," he announced as he presented me with the magnificent bouquet. He was also carrying a complete European picnic of bread, wine, caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, pate, pastries and fruit which he prepared while I was was at the doc. You can bet Carole and I were itching for Dr. Carlson to finish his scraping and sanding so we could get back home to eat! In return, all Del wanted to do was sleep on our living room floor. (Our townhouse is short on beds but as usual he brought his own sleeping bag). Such a deal. Yummmm. (Except for caviar. Gross! Ick! Yuck!!)

Well, that's the name of that tune. For today I just want to say Hi and let you know I'm thinking of everybody. I'll post our Halloween pics and a truly tasteless cartoon about old bosooms tomorrow. Carole took the picture of Larry Olaf at the top of this post. They had just gotten back inside the Big House after playing in the blizzard here last week. You can take the girl out of North Dakota But you can't take North Dakota out of the girl. Pore ole Larry.

Monday, October 23, 2006

On the Horn

You, my dear friends are the best! As I wrote in my post last week I decided just to flow with the unbearable frightfulness of being. So I did. I also got a perm and now I really feel much perkier. (Actually, I'm not kidding. Thanks, Chancy.) My arm is still electrically stiff/numb and unfortunately still connected to the rest of me. I'm patiently waiting for Jack to hook me up to voice recognition but until then I'll follow your advice and suck it up long enough to post at least once a week "by hand." (Thanks Sweet BG/Tidbit and Divine Miss C!)

BTW, I think I need to say that I realize how trivial, considering my age, my complaints must sound. I'm so grateful for my good health. But being happy and depressed at the same time isn't hard for me at all. And you know how I enjoy a good wallow.

Tuesday is Ronni's phone party. I can't wait. I'll be on the phone from 11:30 to 12:30ish MST. I hope my buds can check in. I'm curious about what you all sound like. I have preconceived notions about each of you but like imagining what someone looks like from the sound of their voice, I expect I'll be suprised! I'll wear my teeth so I'm sure I'll sound fabulous.

Jack came home from China last week, picked up clean undies and took off for Ireland from where he reported attending a hurling match over the weekend. Sounds downright uncivilized to me ---not to mention unsanitary. In any case I'll have even more stories to share when he gets back here on Saturday. I'm dying to tell you about Jack and the dancing "I'm a Barbie Girl" pandas. But that will have to wait for now. It's taken me over an hour to write this post---I'm pooped. And that's what it's REALLY like getting old...

Hope to talk to you manana!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Trick

It's pretty obvious I've been struggling physically and emotionally the past weeks. Nothing unique or interesting. I can find my teeth but don't want to wear them. The gaping bedhead spot in the back of my hair? So what. Can somebody else get the phone? I have nothing interesting to say...Just the human condition of feeling out of balance and half-heartedly trying to stay off the pity pot. My first thought was that my depression was a result of being cooped up in this derelict old body. But no. I don't think so---though the aches and pains don't help.

I think my fuzzy black mood was simply a part of my life cycle---something (for me) that inevitably passes. I decided to relax and let it go. I remember reading an excellent book many years ago. The title was, "Don't Push the River, It Flows By Itself" by Barry Stevens. I recollected that the message of acceptance and patience had been very helpful to me at another difficult time. I think it's time to read it again.

I also made a marvelous discovery that has lifted my spirits. My son, Dr. Science has been in the north of China on business. He used his computer to call our computers---the whole family---at once. It was such fun! The voice quality was better than using a telephone and there was no time lags between speakers. I understand these programs have been around for quite a spell but have had some technical problems in the past. This system is called Skype and even I can use it with ease. (Now that's a recommendation!)

If I'm preaching to the choir on this I'm sorry. It's possible everyone knows about this---and I realize that Skype isn't the only provider. However, it's good enough for me and I'm so excited to think that I could have a prearranged or pop-in coffee-klatch with my blogfriends. For as long as we want. From wherever we are. If you're wired to blog, you're wired to chat voice-to-voice on Skype. Yippeee!

This is all I know about it---but it works. Give it a try and call me! When Jack gets home he's going to show me how to add video to Skype. Hopefully he won't get hit by a rickshaw on his way back here.

Here's the instructions:
You can teach an old dog new tricks.....

instructions for setting up skype on your computer:

(1) connect to and click the "Download Now" button and follow the instructions
(2) after installing follow the instructions to create your own Skype account (hint: try using your blogger name as your skype name...I had to add 84 to mine...goldenlucy84...since goldenlucy was already taken)
(3) click the "search" button in Skype and look for goldenlucy84 then add me to your contacts
(4) now you can see when I'm online and give me a call. Just that simple!

Sounds like fun doesn't it? Opening my world even more--always a good thing.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rambling and Reflecting

Lucy’s busy head is busier than ever today---filled with ramblings. It’s been sooo long since I’ve posted and I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to visit and send encouragement. The flare-up of my old shoulder injury has been more debilitating than ever before.

Thanks to my pain medication I’ve been operating in the “Food good. Fire bad!” mode for the past two weeks. Physically this means I can still feed myself and wipe my own bottom but forget the typing--even with my functional sinister hand. Unfortunately the brain never stops. It’s very frustrating. Especially now that I’ve discovered the world of blogging! Thanks to the blog community I always feel I have someone to talk to. So here goes---while my bum arm is making nice.

Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement has come and gone. I used the day for both reflection and resolution---reflecting on my innumerable blessings and resolving to be more grateful and forgiving of others. This last part isn’t easy for me. I’m a worrier and a list-keeper. I’m never completely satisfied that things are where they should be. (I know these things, after all!) I’m trying, in the next year, to be grateful instead of worried. I doubt it will work but I’ll try.

Now for the forgiveness part. I’m happy to work on forgiving myself and others---except for the current political administration. I’m having a terrible time letting go of my bitterness and outrage when it seems to be refueled on a daily basis. The latest bit of kindling came with the publication of Woodward’s “State of Denial.” Mr. Woodward may well be adept, even slick at making the most of political scandal but there’s no denying he deserves kudos for verifying what so many of us have long suspected. While I realize this GOP administration may not be more ethically reprehensible than some of the Demigogs, Woodward's book gave George W. and Company a well-deserved drubbing and I for one cry, Hear! Hear!

The Mark Foley brouhaha also gets my dander up. I have absolutely no problem with his homosexuality but I have a real big problem with pedophilia. When I heard his lawyer explain Foley had been molested as a teenager---as if that somehow explained or excused the man, I hit the roof. Does that mean that young members of our family, who were starved, abused and slaughtered in the Holocaust should have been entitled to do the same to other innocent young people? I think NOT.

Enough rambling and ranting. I don’t want to leave you all on a crabby note. My wish for everyone in the coming year is that all your days be filled with peace, health and goodwill. And if some days the magic doesn’t work, that you never give up!

In case anyone is wondering, the photo is a shot of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. People write prayers on notes and stick them in cracks in the wall. I thought it was a very contemplative picture.