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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Pen is on the Cable

Shortly after I finished writing the post below--and before I could publish, our Adelphia internet connection went south. It was finally restored this afternoon (after the repairman dismantled two bedrooms and the library.) Frankly I don't care if this news is cold as a dog's nose. Anybody who believes I'd throw away this much typing is out of their mind. So...better late than never:

Re the 10/24 Elderblogger phone conference: Oh, you beautiful dolls! I was so excited I'm sure I just babbled like an idiot but talking to you all was such an upper for me. Thanks so much to Ronni et al for setting everything up. I would love to have stayed longer---and planned to but I had yet another medical appt that I couldn't reschedule. This one was with my podiatrist. (I hope he appreciated I not only wore my teeth but I shaved my toes. It's obvious I'm feeling better!) Talking personally to you was such a thrill. I hope you know how much my relationship with all you bloggers (at least those of you who like me) means to my health. And that's the truth.

It must be my day. As I was leaving the house for the podiatrist I met Del, one of my best boyfriends from Gunnison. He was carrying a a dozen long-stemmed peach roses. "These are for my girl," he announced as he presented me with the magnificent bouquet. He was also carrying a complete European picnic of bread, wine, caviar, smoked salmon, cheeses, pate, pastries and fruit which he prepared while I was was at the doc. You can bet Carole and I were itching for Dr. Carlson to finish his scraping and sanding so we could get back home to eat! In return, all Del wanted to do was sleep on our living room floor. (Our townhouse is short on beds but as usual he brought his own sleeping bag). Such a deal. Yummmm. (Except for caviar. Gross! Ick! Yuck!!)

Well, that's the name of that tune. For today I just want to say Hi and let you know I'm thinking of everybody. I'll post our Halloween pics and a truly tasteless cartoon about old bosooms tomorrow. Carole took the picture of Larry Olaf at the top of this post. They had just gotten back inside the Big House after playing in the blizzard here last week. You can take the girl out of North Dakota But you can't take North Dakota out of the girl. Pore ole Larry.