Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, March 19, 2007

I Did it for You!

I did it. I kept my heart beating while everything else drained right out of the old bod. Folks here in "Yucksville" have labeled this flu season the worst one ever and believe me, they don't get an argument from our house. We've all been so sick it's pathetic---and usually I enjoy that. However, this time I found it difficult to convince everybody I was the sickest. Even so, I win in the end as I've been sick the looongest.

Not that the family didn't try to take that away fro me too. My grandchildren brought over Pedialite and Imodium for me. The Pedialite was so vile I snuck into the bathroom and poured most of it down the sink. (I'm not kidding. I'm sure Diet Coke is just as good.) The Imodium pills were so small I took six. At one time, I mean. That probably wasn't a great idea but I always figure if a little is good a lot is better. The explosive effect was not what I'd expected but it did help me convince the others I was indeed the most debilitated family member.

Unfortunately, Darling DIL Carole has continued to nurse me with bland nutritious grub and endless nagging about drinking (gag!) water. I feel my invalidism slipping away. I made it to my 85th birthday this weekend and I guess I'll live to laugh another day.