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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Joy and Sorrow

My dear blogger friends---whom I follow and think of so very, very often:

I've suffered from grievous guilt at not posting for nearly three months. This truly has been a time that illustrates my conviction that a well-lived life is a balance of joy and sorrow---and perhaps there's a message for my peers. Our lives are never ever-so-wonderful or decidedly devastating as we fear or hope them to be. Reality, for those of us who struggle until we die is to love life, which is a strange and wonderful amalgam.

During the past three months we've had 2 unexpected (and traumatic) deaths in our immediate family, Both required a commitment of emotional, physical and financial resources. Our family accepts that sorrow as appropriate and good---though at times beyond comprehension.

Also good, viewed in 20-20 hindsight is the celebration of a new family beginning; a more painfully honest, more inclusive, more accepting way of moving forward. Our loved ones have left us and would most certainly want us to embrace new promise. I find this most uncomfortable...but necessary. Should I thank G-D I can still look forward...for the sake of my children and theirs...though I feel comfy only looking backwards.

But here is the joy, the hope and the reconciliation and new life that came together 2 weeks ago at my grandson's wedding. At our house, my son officiating, with our mishpocha, and with my all hopes and blessings for joy. All the best joy and love to you all.


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