Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lucy is Such a Silly Goose!

It's absolutely amazing to me. For most of the winter I've been negligent and faithless in my blogging. But you, my dear and faithful friends have not! I've been lurking around your sites feeling paralyzed and wallowing in a deliciously prickly pit of guilt and paralysis. I've felt like such a schlump. I've got these things I want to say to you all but even writing them down for typing by someone else has been more than I could---or would deal with.

But you know what? I've decided that since I'm not dead yet that I'll just pull up my garters (remember the elastic harnesses we wore as children under our winter duds?) and get back in action. I still have my sense of humor and despite my very best efforts to rationalize and cultivate excuses, I'm going to press on with my posting and renewed comments.

At my age it's so terribly easy to check out of life. Actually I think lots of folks are relieved when the altecachers in their life check out for lala land. It's much easier to nod patronizingly while polyester-clad Granny/Pawpaw sit quietly in a corner chair. I was heading in that direction myself this winter. Thank GD my family just dumped the reality and responsibility for that in my lap. "You want to sit on the pity-pot? Fine with us but don't expect us to make it comfortable for you."

They haven't and now I'm grateful. Life really is such a balance of joy and sorrow and I've accepted there are and will be times when I just plain feel like shit. (Sorry for sounding so unrefined, but no other word quite captures the feeling.) The thing is to get back on track when lack of confidence, purpose and energy lets up a bit. Reminding myself I'm not terminally unique---positively or negatively helps me keep on keeping on.

So my dear friends, I'll be talking with you soon. You all keep on keeping on too!