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Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Holidays and Beyond

My dear blogger pals:
It's Lucy here in a veritable vortex of emotions. Like many of you folks I've got a few bugs in my system. Luckily mine are more physical than mental---but then that's just my opinion.
In any case, I've been reading your blogs but not writing mine.
One excuse: Carole, Jack and I took a holiday hiatus out of my computer-range and then of course there was my rebellious bod---my shoulders, and thence, my elbows and hands---all of them have been naughty, naughty, naughty.
"Sit quietly Lucy,' they malevolently whisper---'Or we'll make you wince til your eyes water---and that's the just the good part." Oh! I do so want to sit on the pity-pot and mourn my loss and pain but I know that won't make things any better here in Elderdom.
So despite aches, pains and depression I keep coming back to the blogging community---because nothing in my life makes me feel more engaged and alive. I know someone will suggest I "get a life" with "real" people. Then I'll reply: So are all of these blogfolks just chopped liver? Just because I'm no longer am physically able to touch my chin to my knees (as if I ever could--- or would even want to), and just because it take longer to process information and I can't mutlitask as as I did in days of yore doesn't mean my brain has permanently gone to Denver. My blog pals are real living, breathing and thinking people and are a hell of a lot more interesting than many of the breathing but only marginally "living" folks I see around me. I still can choose my friends, after all.

After my trip I came back to see Ronni's posts during the first week of December. I'm so relieved she decided to continue writing Time Goes By. We need her and people like her---if such an animal exists. After I read Ronni's frustrated post on 12/03 I thought, "Ronni, you almost made me lose it." Giving one's best, as I'm sure Ronni always aims for, is a pretty thankless task. (More often than not it will not be recognized by others---and it may well be resented.) But I need Ronni and folk like her to inspire and challenge me at a time when I and those around me tend to find it easier to just check out. I want to continue to care. And after all, I can still vote and voice my opinion---though GD knows there aren't any genuine statemen to vote for.
Above all, every day, I listen eagerly to all of your stories and as per the saying from the Joy Luck Club, I send you my very best intentions. And recognized or not, that does make a difference...even if it's just to me. So with my best intentions---much love and many prayers to you all this holiday season. Don't forget you are all invited to my holiday open house on Friday, Dec. 22. Oh, and yes Chancy, please bring your sleeping bag!