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Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Where's Gudrun?

Gudrun Ivarsdatter (she's a maiden-lady cat)* is feral and elusive when she decides to be. Of course, as a cat she believes everything revolves around this picture of Gudrun in one of the gardens at Jack and Carole's house near Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs illustrates. Can you find Gudrun in Auntie Sue's latest photo? Let me know but don't let the cat out of the bag!

*All the DonnCats have first, last and many times middle names reflecting their nationality. Gudrun is obviously a Black Norwegian.

PS: Don't even think of asking me about anything else in the pic!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hearts and Hands

So. I was right and she was right. The Lovely Teresa's bridal shower was a rousing and delightful success!

Of course I was fretting and pouting up to the last moment. Why? I don't know. Everything had been done: flowers, decorations, catering : check, check, check. Yet I found kvetching curiously soothing. Is that just me?

In any case, all the fussing was forgotten when I walked through the door of our clubhouse where Carole ceremoniously presented me with a red rose corsage. Teresa's Nana and I were seated in places of honor. Yes, chairs.

Actually, everybody attending had access to a chair. (I was so proud of Carole!) However, our guests seemed to prefer milling around and mingling. We all laughed, chatted and enjoyed each other's company.

Then Teresa opened her presents. As I watched her I thought about my own marriage. My husband Ben and I were from the Depression era. Our families had no money for presents or showers or even weddings. But one thought sticks in my memory.

It was 1942. Ben, like most young men in those days, was in the army. We decided that I would join him at his station in Louisiana and get married there. I was working for a mens' hosiery company in Cinncinnati at that time. When I told him I was leaving to get married my boss gave me $25.00 for a present. Boy! I thought that was really something!

But what to do with such riches? After a good deal of thought I determined to do something I'd never done before. Get a manicure. I imagined how nice my hands would look when Ben slipped the ring (I hoped he'd managed to get one) on my finger. It made me happier than anything I could think of.

As I recall, the manicure took a good part of my twenty-five dollars. But oh, it was worth it! As I sat in the rolling, rocking train I listened to the Navy men strolling up and down the aisle singing, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition." And I gazed at my beautiful hands and smiled and smiled.