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Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here's to YOU!

NDY. Not Dead Yet---an acronym I'll use in the future to alert my friends of my current earthly status. Please try to remember this as I probably won't.

Well, I'm finally rested up but my terminal terminal final croaked shortly after I made my last post. Thanks to all of you who wrote expressing concern and I'm really sorry I couldn't access my mail until yesterday. Carole's computer was also on the blink, though not permanently, and we had to wait for Dr. Science to come home from Houston and fix things.

It's really so odd. I thought of all of you so much. I wondered what Namoi thought about the Emmy awards, if Guy's sweetthing was all better, what Duncan and Holly were up to (who can keep up with Terri?!) I wondered how Kenju fits so many interesting things in her house, when Chancy and Joy were going to post more of their wonderful poetry and where Miss Celliania would finally move. Had Tidbit chewed through any vital electrical thingies? I sincerely missed Claude's thought-provoking Daily Snaps and I thought always of Savtadotty and my family in Eretz Isroel.

Inspirational Classics--new and old: Millie, Maria, Jamie Dawn, Ronni, Patti, Cop Car, Endment, Lorraine, Alan, Mike, Roberta, Rain, Ginnie, Saz, Coll, Naomi DB, Lucy, Janice and Roger et al----I miss you all---and I don't care if that sounds strange to a non-blogger.

I have three handwritten blogs to post but I must relinquish Jack's computer. He is standing, drooling, over me as I write. I think it's a sign---but I'll be back as soon as I can!

Your ever-lovin' and NDY lucyd