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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not on My Wall.........

I'm back. Typing is such an effort that I'll cut right to the story.

That would be the one about the devil worshiping rams head.

Actually the real ram's head is much more impressive and sinister than the picture from yesterday's blog. When my grandson saw it he insisted we hang the entire skull on the wall and drape it with lights (especially the eye sockets). I demurred as it was my wall upon which he proposed to hang the offending bones.

"I love you forever but not to the gates of hell" I replied. I'm not superstitious but this ram's skull is so thoroughly creepy I could envision myself in a long black cape and black candle. I'm sure this is not what my granddaughter intended when she made the last-thirty-second bid on ebay. Carole wanted a beautiful horn for a lamp like the one pictured. What she got was the Omen.

Sarah's brother came today and assured us that he would make two beautiful lamps from the skull. (And no, he's not afraid of the devil. ) Here's a pix of what I hope our new lamps look like. I doubt I'll have either one in this house.
OK. I'm done typing. Sending love.......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Always a Party

No, I'm not dead yet. Many thanks to my dear friends for reminding me of the fact! Life has more twists and turns than an elephant's intestine and I've been in survival mode for the past few months. However, Lucy is back on track and anxious to share with her friends. As usual, things are unusual here in the Donn Dimension. It's always a party and everybody is invited,

In addition to the wedding in July, we had a sudden death in the family. Carole's oldest son suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm and died with merciful quickness. However his body wasn't found for 4 days---he was expected to be out of town. As expected, the scene was ghastly and traumatic. Carole, Aaron and Sarah had to deal with things. I don't know how they did it---I would have gotten a migraine, thrown up or both. However, since I'm a Jewish granny, I can suffer vicariously.

In any case, the Donns have had waaay to much excitement the past few months. But at the same time I kind of enjoy it. It means I'm not dead yet. However, I type like I am. That's why I'm closing this entry. Tomorrow I'll finish the story. The picture gives a hint about what's coming, See you manana.