Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, July 09, 2007

More Than Enough

I wish I could tell you all how much my blog connections mean to me. I go to my faithful friends every morning. It's like meeting in a sweet cafe for coffee. I love it so much. From there I go to their friends, who have joys and trials I closely relate to.

Do these folks know how much I relate and really care for what is happening to them? I'm quite sure not, but I believe my concern and good intentions can't hurt. I talk to my kids about these people as though I know them personally. Jack and Carole listen and I believe, truly care. I think I have the best kids ever.

However, sometimes. as in other enduring relationships that evolve, my kids and I get sick-to-death of each other. Alas, we live together. In most TITs (Tempests-in-a-Teapot) our mutual first response is to silently withdraw and self-rightously wallow. I'm very good at that---I've spent 70+ years perfecting the process. Unfortunately my kids aren't willing to participate in my perfected process. Ungrateful for sure but what to do? I decide to think about it. I go shopping.

When I get home from my shopping trip the house is quiet. I go into my room and find a pure white lily in a crystal cup sitting next to my computer. Next to the cup is a simple note that says, "Love You Mom..." Family and friends. It's more than enough.