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Monday, February 12, 2007

Life is Good

Darling Blogbuds,

No doubt Lucy is your most faithless correspondent. That doesn't mean I don't love you---GD knows how much you all mean to me. But you know how I hate to type, though I'm currently taking a keyboarding class at the Pike's Peak Library District.

In any case, this is Lucy the Procrastinator checking in. I've been lurking with y'all right along but I'm finally putting my nose to the grindstone and my shoulder to the wheel to type a new post of my very own.. (It's really hard working in that position so I hope all of you appreciate the effort it took to type this blog.)

It's been lovely in the CO Rockies this week. I sent all our snow and ice to upstate NY. I'm really sorry about doing that but most of you up there are younger than me so I don't feel terribly guilty. Thanks to the lovely weather here I've been able to take a daily constitutional. Walk, I mean---not Metamucil. I try to make the loop in our townhouse community---about 1/2 a mile, which I consider Olympian for me.

Usually Carole and Samthedog accompany me. However yesterday I made the trek all by my lone while Carole and Jack were in Denver. Auntie Tobi took Samthedog to the Bear Creek Dog Park to play with his cousins Lulu and Junie. Unfortunately, Sam disappeared during the outing. Auntie Tobi was distraught and combed the surrounding area for hours. But to no avail. Sam was nowhere to be found.

He stayed that way until 5 AM the next day when a very nice lady called to report she'd found Samthedog in a frozen heap in her backyard. Carole sped over to pick up a shivering and terrified Sam who upon warming wanted to play fetch. All's well that ends well.

I consider it all a metaphor for my life.
Much, much love to all of you...