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Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, September 11, 2006

I Love you...I Don't Love You

Jack and Carole spent most of last week on a romantic holiday somewhere that despite my best efforts, remains a mystery to me (and everybody else). The kids announced they would be invisible/unavailable to all of us---and unreachable except in the case of asphyxiation, amputation or embolism. Even then I was just supposed to leave a message.

However, I didn't mind too much as I was having a lovely romantic interlude with my new computer. Alas, like many new relationships, we hit a rocky patch. I became increasingly frustrated while the computer grew ever more mysterious and unresponsive. Finally it shut down completely and refused to communicate despite my well-documented persuasiveness.

Did I dare call Jack? I wondered. None of my limbs were missing or visibly out of place...I wasn't lying helpless on the floor and there were no discernible gas leaks or other unwelcome intruders in our house. Well, to make a long story short, my higher character prevailed and I left them alone. But my computer was not impressed. It still wouldn't work----and didn't until Jack walked through the door at which point it lay down on its back and put its feet in the air.

So make me a liar. This technology today is beyond me. No wonder altecachers like me get frustrated and give up. Everybody else is adding all kinds of wonderful features to their blogs and I'm still wrestling with Blogger dashboard. But I shall prevail. I shall not allow my computer to patronize and abuse me. I will demand the same respect as I get from my furniture. And I'll never let Jack and Carole go away alone again.