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Monday, May 22, 2006

We're So Blessed

I woke up with a smile on my face this morning. Really. That's not usual. I'm not known for being "Little Miss Mary Sunshine" in the AM. However it seems that as each day goes by I'm more aware of how truly blessed I am. And once in awhile something special occurs that makes me give extra thanks to the Almighty. So this morning I woke up smiling.

I'd spent the evening before with my grandson Ben and his fiance Teresa. They're getting married in July but won't have time for a honeymoon because of work and school. I still have a timeshare on Treasure Island in Florida so I gave it to the kids for a much-needed getaway before summer school starts. They came back yesterday with pictures and videos to share.

They were so bubbly and happy that it was just impossible not to share their joy. Even though Lord knows I didn't feel like it. My shoulder hurt. My knees hurt. Dust on the table and smudges on the window were bugging me. I didn't feel appreciated or appreciative. However, true joy is contagious and I couldn't help myself. Soon I was grinning like an idiot right along with the rest of the family.

So here's Lucy's message for the week: Don't fight it. If there's any reason to smile or laugh, don't miss it. If there isn't a reason, make one up. Pretend. I'll bet you can find one little thing worth a grin. I wish I'd done that a long time ago. I think I would have been much more fun to be around---and probably would have had more friends. Mike, a truly excepional fellow who blogs at has captured our choices so well. Don't miss his latest blogs.

And oh, by the way, the photo at the top isn't Ben and Teresa. It's his older brother Aaron and his fiancee with a glamorous mystery woman. I don't have the FL pix yet and besides, who cares? It's all good.