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Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, July 17, 2006

If It Feels Good...

I've been pretty vain most of my adult life. Before that I was acutely and embarrassingly aware of my exceptional unattractiveness. Now I consider both attitudes a big waste of time---and when I think about it, two sides of the same coin: vanity and self-absorption. I've decided to get over it. I think it's working. It's very comfortable not to give a damn about that stuff---and easy, when I realize no one else does either---and probably never did.

Yes indeedy. I mention this because I've been deciding what to wear for Ben and Teresa's wedding next week. But for once I'm not depressed. I finally realize I'll never look as terrific as I think I could but also not as ghastly as I'm afraid I might. Now this girl just wants to have fun.

I'm concentrating on the perks of getting really old. Lord knows there are many frightening uncertainties about aging, However, I'm tired of thinking and talking about them. Today I want to concentrate on and appreciate the freedom I feel. Let's face it, tomorrow I might be much more pressed by the uncertainties.

So today I am deciding I may not wear pantihose under my dress. I may even decide to take my eye pencil and draw a seam down the back of my legs like we did in the '40s. Or wear a garter belt---but never a girdle! The thing is, whatever I decide, and possibly actually do will be just because it makes me feel happy. I'll bet I'll still end up looking pretty cute for a really old broad.

And that's not vanity talking.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Sweet Puzzle Solved...Awwww!

I just received this photo in my email. It was a welcome change after a day of hearing about nothing but death and destruction. Can you see why?

A hint: It was taken by Carole's brother on his KS ranch.


OK Folks. Time's up. Here's an explanation for all you city kids (like me) who couldn't figure what you were looking at:
Yep, it's a wringing-wet-newborn little bullcalf snapped right after his Mama dropped him on the ground. I didn't have any problem finding his ear and maybe his eye but the kids had to draw me a picture after that. The trick is his nose. It's right under that big old black patch to the lower right of his eye (as you look at him).

It's a great optical illusion---like most of the world to me to me these days. In any case, looking for this cute little guy sure beats staying tuned to the news!