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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Darling Lily Ana

We took a drive this afternoon. The sounds of 4th of July family celebrations were everywhere. It was impossible to ignore the packs of pets and children running wild in yards, driveways and occasionally darting into the street to retrieve a ball or Frisbee. The adults lounging on the lawn or whacking volleyballs and softballs, raucously approved. Due to extreme fire conditions the din of fireworks was absent but neighborhoods seem to make up for it with good-natured noise. And then I saw something.

I was vicariously enjoying at all the excitement and I didn't notice it at first. However, as far as I could tell in passing, every "family" group was a combination of every race and color. When we got back to our townhouse we went to the clubhouse. The families swimming, playing tennis and socializing on the green also were also a complete racial mix.

I thought about how times have changed in my lifetime in regard to whom we consider "family." I lived for years in a "gentile" community where no one ever suspected I was Jewish---and believe me, I wanted it that way! Or how about a black man with a white woman? As Tevye exclaimed, "Unthinkable!"

Ditto for (among others) Mexicans, Asian and gay folks when it came to making them really part of our "family." However, this new generation of American society has progressed more than I could have dreamed---or dreaded. I'm not going to speculate on the cause for the cultural attitude adjustment---though I suspect, like most things, it has something to do with the internet and global economy. I just know about me and mine.

Every one of my precious and educated grandchildren has chosen a mate that is distinctly one of the "others." Today I count an brilliant Asian immigrant, a Nigerian/English Canadian expat, a beautiful Latina, and a Swedish/American African as part of my immediate family. The kids call it "hybrid vigor." And after some personal attitude adjustment I call it a beautiful mix.

Our family patois has produced two delicious grandchildren. An earlier blog introduced you to Cole, the 4 year old solo-flying sophisticate who knows how to hail a Manhattan taxi. Cole's 18 month old sister Lily Ana just returned from NYC last week---however she allowed her mother to go along. Here's photo of Lily and her Mama Mer taking a bite of the Big Apple.

I'll just let you guess what the "family" combination is!