Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Friday, July 14, 2006

Still Kickin'

Not to worry. Lucy isn't dead yet. But life does go on and time takes its toll. Lucy had a fall in the furniture store and has spent the last weeks in recovery (and a drug-induced stupor.) But it's all good, as the kids say. And that's why I want to keep blogging.

Sometimes I'm not sure having my wits about me is a blessing at this age. Our family has been struggling since my fall. The old saying, "When you get old you get more so," seems painfully true. My mind has always been hyperactive but now it seems I can't shut it off. After my fall, which, thanks honestly for your concern, wasn't so terrible, my thinking seems to be even more vigilant and acute. It ain't fun.

With my unerring 20-20 hindsight I'm able to see that my fear of losing personal control has resulted in an attempt to "uber-control" everyone and everything around me. This just won't do in a a family of overt-individualists. After Carole threatened to move out and/or throw herself from a moving car I decided to chill out. Not that I want to. Deep down I still feel I have the best answers.

HOWEVER, as I said before, I'd rather be happy than right. Without exception this is a good philosophy---if not an comfortable reality. Things, other than my personal drama, are blessed in our family. Only two more weeks until Ben/Teresa's wedding. I'm posting an outrageous and alternative engagement photo---not that I think it's appropriate. But anyway, there's more to come.

So. Lucy is still alive and blogging. And grateful for every day.