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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lucy in Recovery

I just got back from the North Country. Carole's family had a reunion at her brother's lake home on Lake Macdonald outside of Dent, (Yes, you got it right) Minnesota. It was great fun except for the ride home! I've decided I'm no longer up to 16 hour auto trips with these demented road warriors that claim to be related me.

I won't be regaling you with amusing anecdotes about our trip as you all know men refuse to ask for directions and women always have to pee. That sort of sums things up. In any case, our first stop was a visit with Carole's mother in FAARRgo. That would be North Dakota. It was fun. We ate out. The food was good---but very white. And though I love Clarice, my fellow in-law, 2 days in FAARRgo was exactly enough for me.

On Sunday we went to the lake for the annual family get-together. Brother John and his family just completed a beautiful new home on spring-fed, crystal-clear Lake MacDonald and they graciously shared it for the grand event. I didn't swim, waterski or ski-doo but I went on the pontoon and enviously watched the kids land some outrageous wall-eyed pike. The lake is teeming with big ones. My shoulder incapacitated me that day but vicarious fishing is better than nothing!

I had a lovely time but I'm announcing my formal retirement from auto trips over 2 hours. Never again, no way, no how. Although I realize I'll be kicking the bucket one day soon, I'd rather not do it in a moving car. I also refuse to sit in a confined space and listen to Dubya say anything at all---let alone repeatedly insist we'll stay in Iraq for the remainder of his term. The ghastly thought we have 2 years more of hearing this drivel is more than I can bear. But that's the subject for another blog.

I look forward to visiting all of you manana. It's good to be home.

PS: This is cousin Nate's website. If you miss this link you'll be sorry. Nate is a professional diver and photographer. He divides his time between the Caribbean, New Guinea and Minnesota. His art is truly exceptional.