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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'll Fly Away

Snow, snow, go away! I've been yearning to be back in Florida the past few weeks. I moved there from Cincinnati because I hated winter. So now I'm back in the ice and snow---does that make sense? Using my acute 20-20 hindsight I see now that I shouldn't have sold my FL condo so I could spend the winter in the sun like Millie and you other sane snowbirds. But no. Assured by my kids (who would rather have a colonoscopy than even visit Florida) that Colorado winters were benign and beautiful, I took the money and ran back to slipping, sliding, shaking and shivering. Am I dumb or what!

The kids are sick of listening to how wonderful winter is in Florida. They love the cold and snow and rave about hiking and snowshoeing around Pike's Peak. Sloughing around in the "crisp" and "refreshing" mountain air is a delight for them---and their tough and coatless short-haired dogs. The fact nobody can see 4 feet ahead doesn't seem to bother them a whit. I absolutely, totally, 100% don't get it. And I never will. I don't want to live anyplace where cars can't live outside in the winter.

That's why I'm thinking about renting a Florida place next winter. The kids enthusiastically support the idea and have already been researching various venues in addition to promising to immediately fly to my side in case I stroke out in the sun. I say, what a way to go!

As for my recent lag in posting: The kids and local mishpocha went to NYC for a wedding while I, unwilling/unable to schlep around the city for 10 days spent the time staying with a family member in Denver. I enjoyed my visit but am very glad to be home---even if it's still Colorado in winter. I'm posting a couple of pictures from the wedding. It looks like everyone had a ball. I sure hope they don't feel too guilty about leaving me behind in the snow. They shouldn't worry. I'm fine.