Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Gift for Lucy

What am I saying? At my age every day I wake up with my wits about me is a gift. You bet! I hear the birds singing and scolding; I see the sun--sooner or later and I look forward to saying "Good Morning" to whoever will listen. But the truth is some days are better than others.
This week started on a stinky note. Monday morning I raced as usual to my computer to start reading all my favorites. What's this? A blank screen? Perhaps I pushed the wrong button. But no. The thing is dead as a dodo. I summon DIL Carole with desperate insistence. She rushs into my room suspecting (perhaps even hoping) I've glimpsed the Grim Reaper. "Well!" she muttered, fiddling with the infernal machine, "This is the blind leading the blind." Indeed. Nothing to do but wait for Dr. Science.

Alas. Even Jack couldn't bring the dead back to life. It was dead, dead, dead. What to do now? Better weigh the matrix. Buy a new computer? Sure. As soon as a I pay off my new teeth and auto transmission. Not to mention the hefty check I'd sent to my grandson Ben and his lovely wife Teresa for college graduation this weekend. I concluded I needed to let my bank balance recover a bit before investing in a new machine---a responsible albeit deeply depressing decision.

I dragged through the next two days feeling uncharacteristically sorry for myself. How could I miss an inanimate object so much? Addiction is a ugly thing. But happily I didn't have to wait long for a fix. Yesterday I walked into my room and was overjoyed to find a sleek new computer sitting on my table. Oh joy, oh joy! I guess my kids really do love me! It took a bit of time to get things up and running but I'm back cruising the net at top speed.

Yippee for me!