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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That

I hope those of you with weak hearts or nervous constitutions aren't too awfully shocked at finding another post from the erstwhile Lucy so soon after my last major effort. However, Claude had a great idea. I can write less more often. Yes, I can do that. I find I'm often intimidated by writing my blog asking myself, "Is this important or interesting enough to mention?" I then decide I should think about it for an eternal while.
So there you are---a sterling excuse, if you ask me. Carole suggests I get more graphic and post pictures and casual comments. "For Heaven's sake, Ma!" she exclaims. "It's no big deal. You're not terminally unique in blogdom." Darn.
So I'm giving it a try. Here are a few recent pix sent by my family. Now for the casual comments---though I strongly suspect nobody will be interested. Samthedog was justifiably attacked by a chow/pitbull after an invasion of that dog's front yard. After three surgeries (thank GD for pet insurance) Sam is back to being a mosquito in the crack of everbody's butt. (Sorry for being so unrefined---I didn't make up that oh-so-apt metaphor.)
In any case, after surgery Sam was very inventive and used his E-collar (that lampshade thingy) to scrape off his scabs and stitches. Inventive Carole stuffed a bunch of old underwear in her favorite socks and tied the whole contraption under Sam's E-collar. It worked----he couldn't reach his butt. Not surprisingly he frantically hurled himself against the floor and walls but to no avail. The gaping wound finally healed. The picture of doggies and moi on my last post shows the newly recovered Sam.

The family picture was taken last month at a dear friend's ranch in Gunnison. I was cultivating my winter pallor in the house while everybody else played with dogs and horses. Aaron and Van weren't able to be there but I'm sure they were sorry. I certainly hope so in any case.

The Lovely Sarah and her beau Allen had a great Northwest Pacific holiday this spring. She certainly deserves it. She's been working full-time at the Hospital for (orthopedic) Special Surgery in Manhattan and simultaneously going to school full time to be a pediatric NP. I'm so proud of her!

I'm really tired of writing. I'm not sure I'm writing any less---though it's apparent I'm not saying much. But I do like posting pictures. Just not of me. I send best love and hope to you all---even if I don't know you yet.