Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal

Going on 87...Savoring and Surviving the Senior Years

Monday, December 31, 2007


Only a few hours left of 2007 but I'm not going out to boogie til the ball drops. That doesn't mean I won't be awake at midnight---that will happen when toads fly. No, I'll be wide awake as per usual in the comfort and privacy of my warm and fluffy four-poster bed. But I'll be counting down with those fools out in frigid, probably drizzly Times Square and watch the dropping of the new, improved brilliant ball.

What a short, short year it's been! And yet so eventful for both the big old world and little old me. We've both had our ups and downs with moments of sublime joy and terrifying despair---in what seem to be accelerating cycles. I don't think there has been so much change so fast in all of human history. It's hard to keep adjusting!

So even though the world will never follow suit, I find it comforting to make a few concrete and attainable resolutions for the new year. The focus makes my own little (if ever-changing) world seem less overwhelming. Therefore, during the coming year I propose (in no particular order) to:

1. Stay off the pity pot. There are times when I positively love to wallow in it. Yuck! At my age floundering in the doo-doo may be understandable but it's decidedly unattractive---especially to me.

2. Fight against proscrastination---right now and not tomorrow. I will work on my typing before my next computer class in March. (If I don't, I'll be banished.) How embarassing. I hope my pride and vanity prick me on if my good character fails.

3. Overcome approach avoidance to typing regular comments to my adored blog pals. It's really not hard as climbing Pikes Peak in a nightgown and stilettos. Give up the dream that good intentions are the same as actually doing something.

4. Actually eat the fresh fruits and vegetables I buy. Actually take my vitamins and supplements. Actually exercise regularly. (See Resolution #3)

5. Always remember how blessed I am in every way and try to pass it on. Be "gratefuller" and "gratefuller" every day. Love more. Give more. FORgive more. Laugh more.

My other particular resolutions fit neatly into one or more of the above---I won't bore you any further! In closing I just want to share an incident that happened yesterday. Last week I gave a small holiday cash gift to the Polish cleaning woman in my building. She takes great pride in her work and always has a cheerful word---(even though I see she often has to put up with crabbiness and sometimes downright nastiness from some of these old farts.) I wanted to let her know I really appreciate her.

Yesterday morning I answered a knock on my door to find Nadia with a can of homemade candy. "For you!" she exclaimed happily. And then I realized that letting someone know they're valued and allowing THEM to give is truly the best gift of all. I resolve to remember that this year. Happy 2008 and GD bless us all!