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Monday, August 07, 2006

Every Picture Tells a Story...The Groom's Dinner II

It would be grand if I could improve the looks of things here but I'm not going to fool around with it. Blogger's gonna do what it's gonna do and I'm gonna close my eyes and type. Just try to follow along.

These photos remind me of how lucky we are. Carole and Jack's extended family came from the four corners of the country to celebrate. Their easy-going intimacy amazes me, coming as I do from just about the opposite background.

The groom's dinner was held an Irish pub---a perfect venue for the schmoozing and music the family loves. As usual I pooped out early and missed the after-9 festivities. No problem though as I'm a rotten Riverdancer. (Doesn't the very idea crack you up? I'm giggling.)

Tomorrow I'll share pictures of the ceremonies. Yes, there were two. But that's another story!


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