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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Girls' World

Sorry boys. I know this might put your shorts in a twist, but I'm going to say it anyway. I think that women over 70 are generally cuter and more interesting than you guys at that age. Yes, I do believe it's true.

From 40-70 there's no doubt men have the advantage. When it comes to free sex, the reasonably interesting 55+ guy with a decent income and no social diseases will beat a witty 55+ year old woman with botox and cosmetic surgery almost every time. He doesn't even need hair. Aside from a few media divas, it doesn't matter how "well-preserved" a woman might be. As far as society and popular "culture" are concerned, Mrs. Robinson was pushing the envelope.

However, excepting Sean Connery, few men in their 70's and beyond seem to retain their edge--or their sense of humor. Hey, I don't claim this is an empirical fact. It's just my opinion---which, at my age I'm certainly entitled to. I also allow there are some frightfully witty old guys like Old Hoss or the eloquent and interesting Octogenarian rattling around in cyberspace. Oh, and of course, there's Art Buchwald.

The thing is, I can name 5 sparkling over-70 women for every irresistible man at that age---not that I plan to get in an actuarial pissing contest about it. (I find old dead guys even less attractive than the live ones.) No offense fellas. Like I said, just my opinion.

As Monk says, "I could be wrong now. But I don't think so. "


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