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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Loco Lucy

I'm a wreck. Atwitter, aflutter---assuming it's possible to do both at the same time. I've also had an ugly vanity relapse which I think is probably poetic justice for making disparaging remarks about self-centered, humorless, grumpy old men. (And yes to all of you who reminded how self-centered, humorless and irritable many old ladies are. I think I agree with Terri---old men may be more gracious in death than spoiled and fearful old women.)

But let's talk about me. My current nervous condition is all due to Ben and Teresa's wedding this weekend. I'm the only one doing any worrying around this house and I'm sick of it! I mean, there's laid back and there's laid back. My kids are so laid back they can only see the sky. Thank goodness Teresa's family knows how to fret productively. I simply can't do it all myself!

In addition this vanity thing is getting out of hand. Hair, nails, clothes and jewlery. Make-up, gifts and shoes. It's all I think about. Doctor, dentist and podiatrist. I've seen 'em all in preparation for the big event. Carole feel proud of herself because she may have found a "fabulous vintage dress" at the thrift store. AAACCCKKKK!! Thankfully all Jack has to worry about is picking up his tux---and Ben will probably end up doing that.

I know I've written about this kind of thing before but I really must vent. At least YOU'll listen! I appreciate that.

BTW, and not that it's any great loss, I won't be posting or commenting until after the wedding. I can't sit still long enough to do it. But I'll be back soon with pictures. Maybe even some of the wedding.


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