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Thursday, March 02, 2006

More Than I Wanted to Know

We just received an email from the owners of the large dog and incontinent pup currently boarding in our home. May I refer you once again to previous posts? The themes of You'll Kill Yourself and I've Got the Answers are perfectly illustrated by excerpts from the email. I don't think I need to say another thing other than to restate the obvious: The kiddies love to rattle Granny's cage!

"Aaron's turn:
Vang Vieng is surrounded by what I think are called Karsts or jagged peaks that are breathtaking. We spent the last couple of days tubing, caving and eating; these are hard times for us. Van wants me to mention that she's been doing the cha-cha-cha since we left Vietnam. GOD knows why, but she seems to be pretty proud of it. We'll be doing some biking tomorrow into the Karsts and exploring some more caves. Van's been begging me to let her try a specialty here ("happy shakes") and she's upset that I won't let her...

Van's turn: (she always has the last word)
Five bucks a day in a nice, clean hotel makes this place more bearable. And if you eat conservatively, you can get away with spending $3/day/person on food. Tubing was excellent. Aaron jumped off of this really high and "sturdy" swing that was made up of bamboo and rope. Not to mention this was erected on the side of razor-edged rocks. Make sure you tell Grandma the details as I'm sure she will be very excited to hear about this. All and all the 3 hours ride on a tube down the river was fun...And Grandma, please remind Mom, remember she promised not to fix the pup... "


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