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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Four-Legged Friends

I've never been fond of four (or three) legged creatures. I never owned a pet. As a Depression Kid I didn't understand about spending money and food on anything but human beings. As a chBoldild my son Jack had only one pet---And that's a sad story.

When Jack was little his father Ben brought home two fluffy duckings and built them a darling little house in the backyard. Mrs. Landsman, the next-door-neighbor didn't approve. She called the Health Deaprtment and complained. My darling mother-in-law Sarah, with whom we lived, dutifully stuffed the offending poultry in a big bag and carted them to the butcher, announcing that if we had to get rid of the ducks our family could at least enjoy a good meal.

When Sarah came back from the butcher she had tears in her eyes---but no ducks. That was the end of family pets for many years. Which brings me to the question at hand. Why must I, at my age, play hostess to three large dogs and one incontinent puppy? These are great-granddogs and all I can say is Thank Heavens they don't actually live in my house...and that I'm not hungry!

Golden Lucy


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