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Saturday, February 18, 2006

There's Simply Not Enough Time

I'm very happy to say I've been too busy this week. That's really a change for me but you can bet it beats not having enough "what to do," as Grandma Sarah used to say.

I spent a lot of time reading pages on Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By Elderblog list: ) What a bunch of characters we all are! But as my grandchildren say, "It's all good." Ronni reminded me that these blogs are, in the words of NYU's Jay Rosen, "little first amendment machines." I like that. (Even if I've never been good with machinery myself.)

I wrote my first editorial comment today on TGB. Not sure I expressed myself very well but it felt great to do it. I can't imagine why I've never done it before other than it never occurred to me I could---or that folks would want to read anything I'd written. Now, thanks to a lot of encouragement I'm very hopeful that more elderbloggers will join the community.

Anyway, I want to thank Ronni, Millie, Steve, Maria, Momma, Mrs. DOF and all of you who made me believe I could do something so wonderful, so unexpected, so life-enriching (perhaps even sustaining) as blogging. There's a dance or two in the old dame yet!


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