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Monday, February 13, 2006

Pick Up the Phone!

I'm a poor sleeper but a good laugher. I've lost some teeth but kept my hair. My car is 15 years old but it still runs---and I can still drive. I guess life really is a balance of joy and sorrow. Lord knows that's the way it was around our house yesterday!

My daughter-in-law Carole and I spend at least one day a week running errands hanging out at the library (my second home), doing lunch and cruising WalMart. As usual we had a good time and as usual Carole (who is all of 59) needed to lie down and take a rest when we got home. I put away the groceries and tried not to make her feel guilty.

Later, Carole and Jack (my son, her husband) went out to dinner. Alone. By themselves. Fine by me---but when I called Carole's cell phone she didn't answer. This annoyed me as I paid good money for that phone so I could keep in touch with her. Let's just say I called more than once. This annoyed Carole. Now we were both annoyed---but I was pretty sure it was actually my turn to be that way.

She hung up on me. I hung up on her. I called my Jack. She called her Jack. Jack didn't answer the phone but who can blame him? He knows who he's dealing with. We all went to bed mad but somehow got over it by morning.
So now we're back to having fun. At least until the next time Carole won't answer her cell phone.


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