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Monday, February 13, 2006

Here Comes Lucy!

Golden Lucy here, coming to you from beautiful Colorado. Just how, why and when I got here is another story...but more on that later.

People call me 83 years young---and thankfully I feel like that most of the time.
My son, Jack, my computer guru, has been after me to write a blog. I think he's just sick and tired of listening to my stories and watching me schlep around my old spiral notebooks. However, since I have no intention of giving up my stories, I decided to look into this senior blogger business---if he promised to hang in there with me while I learned.

OK. Finding any really senior (over 70) bloggers was tough. My daughter-in-law and I surfed the net for what we began to call senior-seniors. We were impressed and inspired by Mille at, Maria at and Ronni at I decided an energetic and opinionated senior like myself could give blogging a whirl. What really, did I have to lose?

I dragged out my notebooks, chose a journal entry and with the help of my son and and the on-line tutorial from I actually published something! Now I'm hooked. There's just so much to learn---and GD only knows how much time I have to learn it! More to come soon.


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