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Friday, November 10, 2006

dor v' dor

This is Golden Lucy's daughter-in-law Carole. I just watched Lucy drive off in Betsy, her 1992 Toyota. I wasn't nervous about it because she's a better driver than I am. I was also happy to see her leave because I knew I'd have to kill her if she didn't. That's a family joke. We always are on the brink of homicide. This time it was over spots on the carpet. I think dust and grime are organic. She thinks they're a mortal sin. We both say we understand each other but deep down we both still think we're right.

However, we're family and somehow we restrain ourselves--- at least temporarily. Lucy has a pile of posts waiting to be typed. Her right arm is toast and she's a horrible typist---it takes her forever to get an article ready for posting. However she can still handwrite. She would like it if I typed all her posts. I won't. I'm too lazy and disorganized and she's much smarter than I am anyway. Let her figure it out.

When she sees this on her blog she'll yell at me as she is very proprietorial about being
Golden Lucy. However I think I need to insert myself in here long enough to tell you all how much blogging has meant to her. Lucy is a brilliant and compassionate mind in a decaying body. In some ways I feel that is a curse----both for us, her family, and for her. On the other hand, I feel incredibly inspired by her unwillingness to go into mental hibernation until she dies.

She'll be getting back from King Soopers in a few minutes and wonder why I haven't set the table for Shabbat. She'll fuss and worry and drive me out of my frigging mind until we light the Shabbos candles. Then everything will be perfect----even if the company comes and there are still spots on the carpet.

We wish all of you a week of peace. Personally I ask (and I know Lucy will agree) that "dor v' dor"---generation to generation---we continue to work for harmony and growth. Shabbat Shalom to all of Lucy's dear friends.

PS: She's written some really great posts. I may get off the couch and type them. But don't hold your breath.


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