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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Window

Not my scheduled post--which of course isn't done because I've been going to see everybody else. I just came from Milt's I love Milt's writing. As I started writing a comment I realized I wanted to share it here.

Just yesterday I read about blogging burn-out. I realized that will probably never happen to me. First, I'll probably croak before that happens and then there is the certainty that I'll never tire of visiting my friends and listening to them. To me, the real pleasures and benefits of blogging are perhaps unique to my age. I have no place more important to go, or things more vitally important to get done---and even if I do I don't have the strength or energy to do them as before. I also know that while I'm uniquely important I'm no more so than anyone else. I'm truly happy when others get lots of comments and I love listening to others more than my own head. Boy! Have I changed!

Now I realize I don't have to prove anything. I'm tired of toting around axes that need grinding and even if I've still got one or two I just adore chatting with my friends about it. What's to get burnt-out about? We can get to know each other in our own good time, enjoy rubbernecking on the party-line (remember those?), be silly, get mad, have coffee and/or a glass of wine, be trivial, be frightened and short, all the things many older people stop sharing with others as strength and physical freedom wane. I just regret so few elders understand how liberating blogging can be. But I'm so grateful I do!


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